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Are You a Traveling Techie?

At last there is a book for you! A Survival Guide for the Traveling Techie is coming very soon. Learn tips like:

  • how to cope with unexpected delays,
  • how to deal with sales people,
  • how to improve your memory, and
  • what to do if the receptionist shows you her bra
Whether you "travel in" software, chips, tractors, cell phones or supercomputers, this book will help you "show up on time dressed to play, make things work, solve problems, be a hero, make big bucks, and get home safely."

Are You a Techie Who Wants to Travel?

Heavy on tech experience but light on road mileage? This book will help you successfully move into business travel, with useful tips on:

  • expecting the unexpected,
  • what it means to be a sales-oriented techie,
  • how to deal with customers, and
  • improving your professional presence
You'll be ready to hit the road in no time!

Are You a Business Traveler Who Wants To Become More Technical?

You're a frequent flier but you always have to bring a techie to answer the tough questions, or make sure the demo goes ok? This book will give you pointers on:

  • getting to the bottom of things,
  • finding high-quality information sources,
  • avoiding dreamspeak and obfuscation, and
  • secrets of getting things to work
Whether you're in sales, marketing, management, or that vague catch-all "business development," this book will help you gain the confidence to move past the "No User Serviceable Parts Inside" warnings and finally stop faking it!

Are You a Student or Career-Changer Thinking of Becoming a Traveling Techie?

Look before you leap. Learn what the author has gleaned from 20 years in the high-tech trenches, as a "road warrior" in businesses large and small, in markets super-high-tech and child-friendly, and in sunbelt mega-cities as well as tiny frozen farm towns. Learn about:

  • why you should never take your luggage directly to the hotel room,
  • why you shouldn't talk about sex, tattoos or boogers,
  • why you should always have a shipper hold packages for pickup, and
  • how to predict the future
There has never before been a book like this for planning your traveling techie career.

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